Selling a property in Jerusalem starts with retaining a good agent, Let’s run through this aspect of property sales, as one of the premier local agents I will market your property in print and digital media as well as network and consult with other estate agents to ensure the largest possible exposure to the most qualified audience.  Assisting you with every aspect of your sale, representing your interest and expediting matters smoothly and quickly.

Viewing Tips

It always helps if your property is presented in an attractive fashion, when scheduling viewing times think about the impression the prospective buyer will have. Make a list of any fixtures and fittings you want to include in the sale.

Begin researching who would be an efficient local real estate attorney for you to retain and be advised on all the costs involved with the proposed sale of your property.

Bidding and Negotiating:

The process begins with bidding and a negotiation, this process usually works:

As your agent I will work through with you to achieve your best sale price. Offers for your property are usually submitted to me by the prospective purchases real estate agents, together with the presentation of their eligibility. This may be done orally or in writing.

As part of the negotiating process you, the seller may accept or counter their offer, I will be happy to advise and assist you on this aspect.

The conclusion of this process will result in an agreement upon price, the terms and closing date. At this point you and your buyer will need to engage capable and experienced Jerusalem based real estate attorneys to prepare and review a contract of sale.

Going to Contract

Mazal and Bracha, once you have accepted an offer for the sale of your property, you will now enter the binding contract stage.

Your attorney will begin to prepare contracts and your purchasers attorney will exercise “due diligence” by asking for certain key documents from you or your representative. These typically include the properties title documents.

Following your attorney’s review and approval, you will sign the contract of sale. At the signing it is typical for a purchaser to present a deposit of between 15-30% of the sale price. Your lawyer will advise you on the various taxes and official payments that need to be made together with a 2% Estate Agents fee.

The contract and funds are forwarded by the purchaser’s attorney to the seller’s attorney, who will obtain the sellers signature and the deposit monies will be forward to you.


The final step is the closing, when the last payment is made. The exact date should be flexible to accommodate everyone (you, the buyer, the attorneys and the banks).

My aim is to support and guide you through this process and make it as smooth as possible for you. I can assist you to identify competent professionals both before and after your sale to meet all your future property needs.