Firstly, I would like to warmly welcome you to the Ruth Abraham website. The design and development of which has been a long held dream of mine. I envisaged this website as a tool with which to enhance the scope and reach of my customer service, support and access and my hope is that I have achieved just that.

Looking to the future, my hunch is that because of the unique nature and limited number of properties available on the Jerusalem market, the old statistic-ridden reports approach and analysis one is used to reading, simply no longer works so well in today’s buoyant and fluid times.

From the websites inception I have been involved with every artistic and technical aspect to ensure that the Ruth Abrahami website reflects my unique working ethos. Ruth Abrahami, is a name synonymous with first class properties and investment opportunities in the historic and eternal city of Jerusalem’s property market. Jerusalem is the capital city of Israel, a county with stable democratic government that has risen to face many of its past and present challenges. Both the economy and currency are strong and holding well in these troubled world economic times. With a dedicated portfolio of gorgeously selected apartments and villas I continue to see a high demand for properties in Jerusalem, a trusted and well known location that benefits from rock solid capital growth potential and excellent invested city infrastructure, restaurants and leisure activities making it a popular tourist destination.

The overall popularity of Jerusalem – the crown jewel in the Israeli property market – and the continued solid purchasing power of buyers in my opinion there is currently no reason for the upward trend not to continue as long as the Jerusalem property market continues to provide inventory, and with many new and anticipated renovation developments the city should do just that, providing a continued rising market throughout the rest of the year. It has been my pleasure to ensure that my selected portfolio of quality properties transcends neighborhoods and building styles ensuring that my clients get a full range of choices to meet their needs.